Tripartite agreement with OnTime Technologies (Pvt) Ltd

John Keells Holdings PLC signed a tripartite agreement with OnTime Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, the first rural BPO company in Sri Lanka, together with the FARO Foundation. OnTime Technologies (Pvt) Ltd is based in Mahavilachchiya in the Anuradhapura District and owned by the youths of Mahavilchchiya who finished Advanced Level at public schools and was groomed by Horizon Lanka Academy, a charity organization focused on enhancing rural children with English and Computing skills. The village of Mahavilachchiya has gained national and international fame as an “e-village” with the highest density of computers of any village in Sri Lanka and broad band internet connectivity in many parts of the village.

Under the agreement, OnTime Technologies (Pvt) Ltd would carry out outsourcing work for InfoMate (Pvt) Ltd from Mahavilachchiya, using advanced Communications Technology. This initiative is an outstanding example of sustainable development as it fulfills a business need while creating employment and rural development.

This partnership was facilitated by the John Keells Social Responsibility Foundation.