Mr. Kapila Gunawardena from FARO (Foundation for Advancing Rural Opportunities) visited Mahavilachchiya several years ago and observed that students having completed education from Horizon Lanka Academy, need help for their future carrier development.

FARO’s idea was setup a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company in Mahavilachchiya. Nirosh Ranathunga and Isuru Seneviratha were selected from the village to communicate with Mr. Gunawardena regarding his new BPO concept. He was very happy about Nirosh and Isuru, and he arranged a meeting for these two youths with Mr. Michael Chertok from Digital Divide Data a BPO company based on Laos, Mr. Chandima Gunawardana and Mr. Sumana Liyanage of FARO. After the meeting FARO decided to send Nirosh and Isuru for BPO training at Digital Divide Date in Vientiane, Laos and Datamation Group in Delhi, India.

Finding funds for the training was difficult for FARO at that time. ICT Agency of Sri Lanka came forward to sponsor for the lodging and traveling costs of Nirosh and Isuru. DDD( Digital Divide Data) BPO company sponsored to cover the whole training costs. Thanks for FARO, ICTA and DDD, Nirosh and Isuru completed a successful training for three months and returned to Sri Lanka with the knowledge they gained to start a BPO company.

FARO continued to form the BPO Company. Attorneys, FJ&G De Sarams helped for doing all of the legal work to incorporate OnTime and advising on its structure. Nirosh and Isuru composed a business plan with the guidance of FARO and a name for the company called “OnTime”. The company registered as OnTime Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. on 20th Of March in 2007 at Corporate Service Limited, 216, De Saram Place, Colombo 10.

Horizon Lanka Foundation agreed to provide computers, their broad band connectivity which is maintaining by ICTA of Sri Lanka, office space from the building donated by Mr. & Mrs. Charles for the children in Mahavilachchiya. LankaCom ISPs granted virtual private network connection for OnTime Technologies free of charge.

OnTime started operations on 10th of May in 2007 with two operators for their first client, John Keells Holdings. Dialog Company also outsourced their back office work for OnTime. It was very helpfully to increase the revenue of OnTime.

FARO always is advising for development of company, and also OnTime thanks again for ICT Agency of Sri Lanka for helping since at the beginning.

OnTime has become to the first BPO Company formed in a rural village in Sri Lanka. Within only about four months, OnTime reached the breakeven of the company. It will open more and more opportunities in the future for the youths in this rural village, Mahavilachchiya.