BPO Training in Laos and India

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) has become to an easy way to develop villages while providing job opportunities. When revolution being happening in countries like India, that concept came to Mahavilachchiya, a rural village situated in Anuradhapura district in Sri Lanka. Mr. Kapila Gunwardhana and their organization FARO (Foundation for Advancing Rural Opportunities in Sri Lanka) was the carrear of this concept to Mahavilachchiya. How ever FARO’s idea was set up a BPO company in Mahavilachchiya.

Nirosh Ranathunga, a youth who has lot of talents in business field & Isuru Senevirathna, a young man groomed from Horizon Lanka Foundation were selected to be the main keys of achieving FARO’s mission with their guidance.

FARO was happy about the youths and they decided to give a BPO training for Nirosh and Isuru in Vientiane, Laos and Delhi, India. As a responsible government agency, ICT Agency of Sri Lanka was very please on FARO’s mission and about the two youths and they sponsored for all traveling and lodgings of Nirosh and Isuru for the three months of the BPO training in Laos and India.
Digital Divide Data BPO Company in Laos promised to cover the training costs. Mr. Michael Chertok of DDD visited Sri Lanka with two of DDD members from Laos and Cambodia and discussed with the two Sri Lankan trainees. And he arranged everything for Nirosh and Isuru in Laos.
Nirosh and Isuru welcomed by Mr. Michael and Mr. David. And also they met very kind friends at DDD office.

Nirosh, Isuru, Lao and Cambodian trainees were given most valuable theoretical and practical knowledge on BPO under Mr. David Paulson’s guidance. Also Mrs. Mai Siriphonphanh, Ms. Luvissa , Mr. Jherahmai, Ms. Luck, Ms Kitty gave a fantastic knowledge. Working with different nations, different people and different county county were great experiences for Nirosh and Isuru. They completed successful training and traveled to another BPO Company in India called Datamation group. From there they got a good practical knowledge on BPO and how to doing in the villages. Mr, Ajey Rampuri did all the arrangement for the trainees. Mr. Dharmendram, Ms Poonam, Mr. Trilok and all the Datamation staff very helped Nirosh and Isuru.

With all the experiences and the knowledge gained from the training, they came back to Sri Lanka and could start a successful BPO company in Mahavilachchiya.